photo by: Carol Thomas 2010

As a wife and mother of two young boys, most days it is a challenge to get anything on the table….let alone something that will appeal to all the taste buds in our family.  Add together a fussy toddler, a carnivorous husband and a pescetarian me and the task is even more difficult.  After about a year of just rotating four meals, I was feeling bored with cooking.  So, after I had my second son, I decided to make more of an effort to vary our family’s diet and remove myself from the cooking rut that I had found myself in.  I started trawling the internet for recipes that could easily be converted to both veg and non-veg, creating meal plans for each week and truly reinvented the world of cookery for me.  🙂

This blog is a collection of all of the great recipes that I have discovered and even a few that I concocted on my own.  It’s kinda like my online cookbook, if you will!  Whenever possible, I have linked where I found the original recipe.  I hope that you and your families will enjoy these tasty meals as much as mine did.

Bon Appetit!!


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  1. This is so cute, Carrie! I bet there are a lot of people out in cyber space who can benefit from this blog. Food looks yummy. Even tho I am retired from the mommy thing, I am going to try that prawn recipe. Keep up the good work!

  2. Carrie! This is awesome, just awesome! I LOVE the fact that you are opening up your cooking creativity, secrets and skills to us 🙂 As a taster of lots of your cakes, puddings and dips I can vouch for just how tasty they ALL are. Thank you for now providing me with my own online and trusted cookbook – keep adding to it – I love it! Well done! x

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