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Ultimate Breakfast Burrito


🙂  I feel so American naming this one!  ULTIMATE!!!  🙂

But, seriously, this thing is epic!  I am labeling it as a breakfast dish, yet we had them for lunch today.  Thanks to an extra helping of beans and rice, you could have them for any meal and your belly will be full for hours.

I created this recipe in a moment of genius (maybe the only one that I’ll get in this lifetime).  What makes this meal is the fact that the torilla is sandwiched in egg, french toast style.  Make sure that you remove the pan from the heat before you add the eggs so that you can dip the wrap on both sides.

P.S.–A good salsa takes this burrito to another plane.  I highly (highly) recommend Goya’s salsa verde.  Unfortunately, it is unavailable in the UK, so if someone can send me a care package full of ’em, I would appreciate it!!!  😀

breakfast burrito

Ultimate Breakfast Burrito

Ingredients (per burrito):

olive oil

1 cup of mixed veg or meat of your choice (I used onions, mushrooms, yellow pepper and zucchini)

2 Tbsp each of cooked rice and black beans

salt and pepper to taste


2 eggs + splash of milk

cheddar cheese, to taste


1. Saute veg/meat in olive oil until soft and cooked through.

2. Meanwhile, whisk together the two eggs and the splash of milk in a small bowl.  Add salt and pepper to taste.

3. Put egg mix into a lightly greased, large non-stick skillet; dip torilla on both sides, then place over medium high heat.

4. Flip to set both sides; add cheese and veg/meat filling to inside and roll very carefully.

5. Transfer to a plate and serve with salsa.