Living in a two bedroom flat definitely has its downsides.  In addition to the lack of closet space, there is also an insufficient amount of outdoor space in which to grow.  Especially since I have this deep, burning need to have my own kitchen garden.  That being said, I am one of the laziest gardeners that you will ever meet.  Literally just sprinkle seeds over the dirt, water and hope for the best!  This lackadaisical approach makes Myles, my two year old, a perfect partner in crime, as he gardens the exact same way.   🙂

lettuce and cilantro

This year, instead of just complaining about not having a plot of earth, I decided to have a little allotment in our windows! Myles and I grew spinach, mixed leaf lettuce, cilantro, basil, rosemary, green beans and cherry tomatoes.  Overall, everything went quite well.  Surprisingly. Though, we are still waiting on our tomatoes to ripen.


Involving my toddler in growing food was one of the best things I’ve done this summer.  He went from being a pretty fussy eater who barely ate vegetables, to picking and eating everything that I allowed. Every morning he picks a handful of green beans and eats them raw. One vegetable serving done for the day!

Myles eating green beans

Hopefully one day we will have a true allotment garden in the deep rich earth; but until then, we will continue to pack our window sill full of sprouting seedlings.


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